Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 89 n. 4, 2018

Cover image vol. 89/4 The Horn d'Arturo ASTRI
Catania, November 10, 2018
Editors: R. Spiga, F. Bonoli, G. Pareschi, G. Trincheri


p. 445
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F. Bonoli
Guido Horn d'Arturo and the first multi-mirror telescopes: 1932-1952 
p. 448
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R. Ragazzoni
The fine and transformational optics of Guido Horn d'Arturo 
p. 468
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F. Fernandez-Barral and F. Ferrini
Cherenkov Telescope Array: 120 telescopes and 6500 mirror segments to explore the very high-energy Universe 
p. 473
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S. Scuderi
The ASTRI project 
p. 484
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O. Catalano
Cherenkov light for gamma astronomy and not only 
p. 492
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L. Zarantonello
The eventful life of Guido Horn d'Arturo in a comic book 
p. 500
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S. Sinicropi
Guido Horn d'Arturo, the world, the passions and the interests of a contemporary humanist 
p. 512
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C. Quareni
Guido Horn d'arturo, the Jewish roots of an Italian astronomer 
p. 522
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M. Gargano
The Astri of Horn: the scientific legacy of astronomer who invented the future 
p. 529
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G. Pareschi
From the Horn d'Arturo segmented telescope to the ASTRI-HORN end-to-end system: cutting-edge technologies and industrial involvement in astronomical instrumentation 
p. 535
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R. Spiga(curated by), G. Giobbi(translated by)
Guido Horn d'Arturo: selected papers 
p. 540
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