Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 91 n. 3-4, 2020

- Astrophysics with the INAF-CINECA MoU 2017-2020

Editors: F. Pitari, G. Mulas, G. Murante, P. Rossi, M.S. Cremonesi, M. Guarrasi, C. Padrin and U. Becciani


p. 189
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p. 192
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V. Antonuccio
Mechanical feedback and backflows in early-type galaxies 
p. 194
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M. Baldi
DUSTGRAIN Follow Up report 
p. 197
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A. Ballone, M. Mapelli, E. Bortolas, A. A. Trani
The inner parsecs of our Galaxy: star formation and its environment 
p. 201
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V. Biffi, S. Borgani, G.Murante, E. Rasia, G. L. Granato
Simulating galaxy clusters at high resolution 
p. 205
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G. Bodo, P. Rossi, S. Massaglia
Deceleration of relativistic jets 
p. 209
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S. Borgani, M. Valentini
Simulations of disc galaxies: the effect of AGN feedback 
p. 213
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F. Califano, O. Pezzi, G. Cozzani, A. RetinĂ², F. Valentini, G. Brunetti
Vlasov simulations of reconnection events and comparison with MMS 
p. 217
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F. Calura
Injection of energy and momentum by stellar winds and supernovae in compact, newly born stellar clusters 
p. 223
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C. Carbone
DEMNUni Covariances 
p. 229
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S. Colombo, S. Orlando, G. Peres, F. Reale, C. Argiroffi, R. Bonito, L. Ibgui, C. Stehle
Effects of intense flaring activity on accretion disk of Classical T Tauri Stars. 
p. 232
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S. Cristallo, D. Gobrecht
Dust in the Universe 
p. 236
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C.M. Raiteri, G. Bodo, P. Rossi
Instabilities, magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration in Blazars 
p. 239
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D. Romano, F. Calura, G.C. Few, A. D'Ercole
Three-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations of supernova explosions in the smallest Milky Way satellites 
p. 241
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M. Spera
The impact of stellar dynamics on gravitational wave sources 
p. 246
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A. Bonanno, G. Guerrero
Non-linear simulations of the Tayler instability 
p. 249
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A. Capetti, G. Bodo, P. Rossi, D. Mukherjee
On the energy transfer from low power jets to the IGM 
p. 254
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A. Lanzafame, C. Marcellino
p. 257
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B. Olmi, N. Bucciantini
Three-dimensional relativistic MHD simulations of bow shock nebulae 
p. 260
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R. Orosei, F. Cantini
MARSIS Clutter Simulator Encore (MACSE) 
p. 264
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E. Alei
Stability studies of super earth atmospheres 
p. 267
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G. Bodo, P. Rossi, D. Mukherjee
Dynamics of relativistic magnetized jets 
p. 273
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F. Calura
A numerical study of a new class of astrophysical objects: the isolated star-forming gas cloud SECCO 1 
p. 278
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R. Ciolfi, W. Kastaun, J. Kalinani, B. Giacomazzo
GRMHD simulations of the binary neutron star merger event GW170817 
p. 283
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S. Landi, L. Franci, P. Hellinger, E. Papini, A. Verdini, L. Matteini
Turbulence Spectral anisotropy and energy flow at ion scales. 
p. 286
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G. Mulas, S. Chakraborty
Modelling anharmonic spectra of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons at high temperatures 
p. 291
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D. Romano, F. Calura, A. D'Ercole, G. C. Few
Simulating galactic outflows in ultrafaint dwarf galaxies 
p. 298
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J. Dargent, F. Lavorenti, F. Califano, P. Henri, F. Pucci, S. S. Cerri
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the hermean magnetopause: impact of the magnetic field and density gradients 
p. 302
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N. Tomei, L. Del Zanna, M. Bugli, N. Bucciantini
Amplification of magnetic fields in accretion discs by GRMHD dynamo 
p. 307
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L. Franci, E. Papini
Turbulence and magnetic reconnection in low-beta plasmas 
p. 311
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S. Massaglia
Simulations of Wide Angle Tail radiosources 
p. 319
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B. Olmi, E. Bucciantini
Escape of particles from pulsar bow shock nebulae 
p. 321
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S. Orlando, A. Wongwathanarat, H.-T. Janka, M. Miceli, M. Ono, S. Nagataki, F. Bocchino, G. Peres
Linking core-collapse supernova explosions to supernova remnants through 3D MHD modeling 
p. 325
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A. Petralia
MAGRATHEA Cross Section Database 
p. 329
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E. Rasia, L. Bassini, M. Valentini, V. Biffi, S. Borgani, K. Dolag, G. L. Granato, G. Murante, A. Ragagnin, C. Ragone-Figueroa, G. Taffoni, L. Tornatore
Star Formation Rate in Simulated Clusters 
p. 332
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G. A. Rodriguez Castillo, G. L. Israel
Digging out the Neutron Stars Extragalactic Population – INAF-CINECA MoU report 
p. 336
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F. Vazza, S. Banfi, C. Gheller
Synchrotron emission and neutral hydrogen in the simulated cosmic web 
p. 341
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D. Mukherjee, G. Bodo, P. Rossi, A. Mignone
Realistic simulations of relativistic jets 
p. 346
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